Workshop: Designing an Authentic Organization

Caleb will introduce new model for organization design and a new tool in a workshop on September 16th in Boston. The Workshop is in collaboration with the Design Museum Foundation's Center for Workplace Innovation and is part of the lead up to the Workplace Innovation Summit in November that will be held at the Innovation and Design Building in the Seaport. (More on that soon)

We'll be releasing more information about the model and tool in September. Until then, we hope to see you there!

Here's the official description:

An attractive outward-facing brand is no longer enough to compete. These days, companies must design the employee experience to authentically embody their external image. Thanks to greater access to information and social media, it’s easier than ever for customers, clients, and competitors to gauge and react to a brand’s authenticity – or inauthenticity. On top of that, generational values are shifting as well — younger employees are seeking jobs that are personally meaningful. To retain talent – and customers – it’s imperative that your brand be authentic both inside and out.

Caleb Dean of Owl, Fox & Dean will lead a workshop to introduce a Whole-Brand Model for organization design. This model was developed to create the conditions for brand authenticity and meaningful experiences among all stakeholders. Participants will engage in a framework for integrating the internal employee experiences with external-facing brands. Hosted by Elkus Manfredi Architects, Caleb Dean’s Workshop is a part of Design Museum’s Center for Workplace Innovation, in partnership with Jamestown Properties.



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