Coaching for Aspiring Politicians

The need for conscious and creative leaders in our political system is abundantly apparent. Our President-elect has consistently demonstrated a lack of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, understanding of others and respect for diversity, contextual knowledge and regard for complexity. This approach to leadership runs deeply counter to the mission of Owl, Fox & Dean and the values that we stand for.

I started Owl, Fox & Dean because I believe that through the conscious development of people, the thoughtful design of organizations, and the sharing of knowledge, we can make the world more happy, resilient, and well. I wake up everyday fueled by this belief and energized by deep passion for helping people develop as conscious humans, and grow their positive impact on the world.  

As an active commitment to my community and the mission of Owl Fox & Dean, I am offering free coaching to aspiring politicians who are seeking to develop their leadership capacity. You can learn more about me and my to coaching here.

If you are considering or planning on running for office and you want to make your community, our country, and the world a better place, please be in touch.

- Caleb Dean

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